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TAS is a turn-key General Contracting/Construction Company with many varied and diversified facets for completing any type of construction project.  TAS has the history, knowledge, resources, and financial capacity to take on many different types of projects. In doing so, TAS invests its “CAN-DO” and cooperative attitude into a project from inception until completion. We count on this not only for return business but also in anticipation of positive feedback from the owner in helping to maintain a reputation for  completing projects within budgets, on schedule, and safely. These are the key aspects to our success. With over 150 employees and average annual revenue of $45,000,000.00, TAS has become a highly respected contractor in the Hampton Roads as well as the Eastern Virginia Area.  In order to continue its growth and stellar reputation, TAS is committed to providing the best possible service to its clients no matter what size the project is. We take on all projects with the same attitude, a customer pays for results and we strive to produce the desired results. We believe strong client relationships are as important to our business as our construction knowledge. Both are needed to get the job done on time, in a cooperative fashion, and in a way that meets the client’s needs. We also understand that when the day is over, we both want to achieve the same thing, something we can be proud of putting our name on.

We specialize in:

·         Design/Build Projects
·         Water and Waste Water Facilities
·         Utilities
·         Chemical Facilities
·         Pump Stations
·         Renovations/Repairs
·         Retro Fit Work
·         Marine Associated Work
·         Structural
·         Building Construction

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