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Company History

  • T. A. Sheets Mechanical Contractors, Inc. (TAS) was founded in 1966 by Thomas A. Sheets as a sole proprietor. The company was incorporated in 1972.
  • From 1972 until 1993 the company expanded from 15 employees to 40 Employees with steady growth and an increase in annual revenues. During this period TAS main revenues were derived from approximately 50% Government Contracts and 50% Commercial and Large Apartment Complex renovation projects. Projects were located in the South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia regions.
  • In 1993, Frankie L. Bridgeman joined the Company as a Project Manager/Project Superintendent.  Due to the Government changing their contract award procedure and the decline of Apartment Complex construction the company moved in a different direction to ensure continued growth. TAS diversified through its additional knowledge and experience and pursued General Contracting type construction projects and State and City utility projects.
  • In 2000, TAS relocated it offices and operations in Norfolk from Juniper Street to Cooke Avenue, this was done in order to facilitate the rapid growth the company had experienced over the previous several years.
  • From 2001 through 2003, TAS was successful in procuring a $13,000,000 pipe lining project for Henrico County, and a $18,000,000 construction project for the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority (NRHA). These two (2) projects along with other projects which TAS was self-performing a majority of the work, required TAS to once again increase our workforce. By the end of 2003, TAS’s workforce had increased to 90 employees.
  • In 2004, TAS began contracting diversified types of construction, this included Water and Sewage Pump Stations as well as Water and Sewage Treatment Plant construction. TAS also began a concrete division in order to self-perform concrete work. This required additional procurement of equipment and personnel, building our workforce to 110 employees.
  • In 2006, TAS began work on the Lake Burnt Mills Dam, a majority of this work was self-performed, as TAS completed all the in-water work with a marine construction division, as well as the majority of the other facets of work involved with this project.
  • In 2008, TAS was awarded its first design-build project with the USACE. This project was to design-build a chapel at Fort Lee near Petersburg, VA. TAS now actively seeks design-build projects as well as bid-build projects.
  • From 2009 – 2012 TAS has worked on many different types of projects; we have several annual inspection and maintenance/repair contracts with municipalities and local authorities. TAS currently has over 150 employees, and several properties for storage of equipment, materials, and satellite offices.  TAS currently performs construction projects including water and sewer pump stations, water and sewer plant construction, all types of utility work, building construction, building renovation, building retrofit, design/build projects, water tanks and standpipe pump stations, inspection work, pipe lining, outfall structures, chemical facilities, processing plants, marine construction, foundation piles, and structural cofferdams (land and water).
  • In order to be more competitive in obtaining work and more accurately reflecting the varied types of work being performed, in 2012 TAS changed its name from T. A. Sheets Mechanical Contractors, Inc. to T. A. Sheets General Contractors, Inc.