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Oct 2012 058 - Frankie Bridgeman

Frankie L. Bridgeman – President/CEO

Mr. Bridgeman has been with the Company for over 20 years and has over 25 years of construction experience. He holds a BS degree in Civil Engineering. In addition to his fiduciary duties as the CEO of the company, Mr. Bridgeman also manages and coordinates the estimating team and project managers.

Oct 2012 054 - Hans de Jong

Hans de Jong – CFO/Secretary

Mr. de Jong oversees all financial duties for the company. He is also responsible for maintaining all insurance and bonding programs, as well as the Human Resources Department. Mr. de Jong serves as Secretary of the Corporation. Mr. De Jong has been with TAS since 1996, and holds an MBA degree which he earned while growing up in Europe.

Oct 2012 049 - Michael McGourty

Michael J. McGourty – Senior Project Manager/Estimator

Mr. McGourty specializes in Federal Construction Projects and marine construction. He has over 35 years of construction experience and over 25 years of Construction Project Management. Mr. McGourty also specializes in design/build projects and preparing estimates and presentations for technical proposals. Mr. McGourty also is responsible for developing business marketing strategies. Mr. McGourty holds a degree in Project Management.

Oct 2012 067 - John Ashley

John Ashley – General Superintendent Utilities Division

Mr. Ashley is in charge of coordinating project foremen and crew manpower for utility work, he also coordinates heavy equipment deliveries and directs haul trucks to varied worksites. Mr. Ashley also manages large utility projects. Mr. Ashley has over 30 years of construction experience.

Oct 2012 045 - Roland Liverman

Roland Liverman – Project Manager/Concrete Division Manager

Mr. Liverman is responsible for coordinating the concrete crew manpower and directing crews to various projects. Mr. Liverman procures all concrete materials for projects and is responsible for all concrete related submittals. He also performs the concrete estimating for portions of work directly related to concrete construction. Mr. Liverman has over 30 years of concrete related construction experience.